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The G Spot – Finding and hitting the spot, a guide for men.

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G Spot orgasms are said to be intense, whole body experiences, lasting much longer that clitoral orgasms. Many say that G-spot orgasms are the most powerful type of orgasm and hit like rolling waves of pleasure, with intense vaginal contractions and spasms, and in some cases ejaculation!

So where is the G Spot then?

The G-spot is a small bean-shaped area about 5cm inside, on the front wall of the vagina, about halfway between the back of the pubic bone and the top of a women’s cervix. It’s about 2cm in diameter and may feel a bit rougher than the rest of the vagina. It’s made from erectile tissue and will swell up and enlarge when stimulated.

Some women find G spot exploration to be easy, while others find it a little more challenging. However, just as some women receive more pleasure from stimulation of their breasts than others, this goes for the G spot too.

It is important to remember that because of its size and the location of the G spot, it may take a little time before you can actually find it, but once found, and correctly stimulated, this G Zone can bring magic to your sex life!

First things first

Unlike men, most women need a little warm-up time to really get into the mood, no not that mood, you know what I mean! So in order for her to have a G-spot orgasm you’re going to have to spend some time on foreplay.

Try lighting some candles and starting with a sensual massage, this will relax her, and also helps to build intimacy. Massage her entire body for around 20 minutes, and try avoid your favourite spots, OK, the bum is fine.

If you’ve been doing things right, she should be getting turned on by now. You can now turn up the heat a little by kissing and nibbling her neck and wherever else she really enjoys. Alright, now go ahead and stimulate her clitoris until she’s bucking her hips and begging you to enter her.

Now’s the time for you both to get comfortable.

So you’ve got her hot and bothered, good, now you can finally stop teasing and start getting down to business.

Firstly you’ll both have to get comfortable. Lying on her back with her knees bent usually works quite well and you can also put a pillow under her bum to help find a more comfortable position and angle. You can either kneel in between her knees, or sit beside her, but make sure you both comfortable as you’ll be there for a while.

OK, we’re going in

With your palm facing up, insert a finger or two (she’ll let you know if you get it wrong) a couple of centimetres into the vagina. Now bend your fingers slightly towards you and make a “come here” motion. You know, like when you were pointed out in class and the teacher summoned you, like that. If you need to, use some lube, which you may have done already, but at this point she shouldn’t be needing any.

You should feel a spot on the front wall of her vagina that is rougher or more ridged than the surrounding area, kind of like the roof of your mouth, sorry, but that is an accurate description. If you can’t really tell for sure, don’t worry about it too much, the G-spot will grow in size as you stimulate the area.

At first, be gentle with your “come here” motion and slowly increase the pressure as the G-spot becomes larger. When you sense that you’ve found the right spot and she’s indicating that you’ve got the technique and pressure right, keep going, you’re on the money.

Some women may feel a slight urge to urinate during this stimulation, this should soon give way to an intensifying pleasure that will replace any discomfort.

The Orgasm

Yip, keep going. It can take up to half an hour of stimulation for her to have a G-spot orgasm, but don’t worry, it’s worth every second.

You’ll definitely know when she has a G-spot orgasm, her vagina will contract violently and it will be accompanied by uncontrollable panting or moaning and sometimes even ejaculation.

Clitoral orgasms will be old news if you get this right, as many women swear that G-spot orgasms are one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences in their entire lives.


If you are ‘her’ reading this, or you would like to bring a new dimension to enhancing the G-spot experience, toys are the way to go. They don’t get tired like wrists and fingers, and some are made to give off extremely pleasant vibrations. Many are specifically designed in order to make finding the G-spot easier.


It’s important to remember that some women dislike G-spot stimulation altogether. While you want to gently try to work through any initial discomfort, it’s not a good idea to push the issue if she’s not enjoying herself at all. There are plenty of other fun things you can do besides G-spot stimulation.

Also keep in mind that sexual exploration is about the journey, not the destination. Becoming fixated on a certain goal is a sure way to put unnecessary pressure on both of you.

So, just relax and have fun experimenting. Watch her reactions closely, give her more of what she enjoys, and enjoy the journey!

The Vibrating Cock Ring – Pleasure and Fun for Men!

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Have you been yearning for some good vibes during those intimate moments with your spouse or lover? If all the conventional sex toys and fancy gadgets have failed to take you and your partner to the pinnacle of pleasure, it’s time to try something new.

The vibrating cock ring is a sex toy that has been designed to provide the user(s) with maximum stimulation. All one has to do is to position it correctly at the base of the penis. These vibrating rings will give a gentle erotic vibration to the male and a direct dynamic stimulation to the clitoris during intercourse. The result is the most awesome and intense lovemaking that you have ever experienced! Your partner will scream for more.

Most adult toys and gifts have been designed to provide pleasure to a single partner. The VCR has been designed to stimulate both members of the love making couple. VCR’s come in varying forms from reusable to disposable and in a variety of different designs.

For a cheap thrill and some mind-blowing orgasms, give a VCR a try!

A Sex Toy for Couples!

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There are a variety of different ways to please your lover using sex toys and less than 2 years ago for the most part pleasing a woman with a sex toy meant little or no physical pleasure for you.

In other words, in order for the two of you to get the most enjoyment out of any sex toy meant one of you had to be the watcher while the other was the doer.

However, since the creation of the We-Vibe sexual couples, now have a way to use a sex toy and at the same time both be able to pleasure each other.

Perhaps, you are not familiar with the We-Vibe and don’t know why so many sexual couples are excited about this new and exciting sex toy so let me be the first to tell you.

The We-Vibe is a dual vibrator that is capable of stimulating the G-Spot and clitoris at the same time.

As if that wasn’t enough it also is hands free and of course small enough to be used during sex.

What this means, is that you now have an opportunity to stimulate practically every pleasure spot on her body at the same time and give her the ability to feel all of you.

Since the We-Vibe is hands free you can get into any sexual position that the two of you like, however, below you will discover two of the better sex positions to get into with the We-Vibe.

2 Great Sex Positions To Use With The We-Vibe!

  1. Side Rider- The Side-rider sex position is great with the We-Vibe because it allows her to adjust it if necessary. For this position you will have her facing sideways from you as she plants her feet rather than kneeling.
  2. Frog Leap – For this position have her squat like a frog in front of you as you enter her from behind.

Additional Sex Tip: If you really want to heat up your nights and have her experiencing a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction then you are going to want to apply a high quality female arousal gel like Durex Play O underneath the hood of her clitoris. Interesting enough this one tip alone can send the woman that you are with into some incredibly strong and intense orgasms with or without the We-Vibe.

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